Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Whew! It's Hot In Here

You're an Passionate Kisser
For you, kissing is about all about following your urges. If someone's hot, you'll go in for the kiss - end of story! You can keep any relationship hot with your steamy kisses. A total spark plug - your kisses are bound to get you in trouble!
In addition to the above, which I got from my SM, Twisty's, blog, I was also tagged by Squirm, so I decided to just add them together, since they're on the same topic:
Tag 8:
1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their blog saying they’ve been tagged.
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.
So here goes.....
1. My 8 Points (in no particular order):
* Someone who is fun-loving and adventurous
* Someone who is gentle and kind - or at least 90% of the time! ;o)
* Someone with an awesome sense of humor
* Someone with integrity and respect for others
* Someone who is real & true to themselves - people who are superficial/vain need not apply
* Someone with goals and dreams - ambition is sexy!
* A "people person" - I'm ANYTHING but shy.
* Someone with alot of passion. There's NO other way to live life!
2. These 8 Points are for a Manly Man.
3. My 8 victims: Neo - Kippy - City Soul - Alanna - Nilo - Ellen - Skye Blue - Ellen Jay

Monday, January 30, 2006

She's B-A-C-K!!!!!

After over 1500 miles round-trip, I finally made it back. What a trip!

My sister seems to be holding up pretty good, and my niece....well, let's just say she's the same as always...hammin' it up!
I got to take a "tour" of the base, which was really interesting.
I'm really busy at work today, since I took off Friday, so I don't have any time to post. But, I thought I would go ahead and share my pics from the trip!
Hi Neo! Thanks for the rain!
Beautiful scenery entering New York!
Melly acting WILD when I first arrived!
In front of Ryan's headquarters.
MY FAVORITE PICTURE! This is a statue representing their division - "Climb to Glory".
This Monument has actual pieces from the Twin Towers and Pentagon. It was really touching!
Memorial Plaque for the Monument Above.
Banks of the St. James River - looking out onto one of the "1000 Islands".
Looks Like Somebody is Worn Out!! Awwww!!!!!
Me and Mel - O'Briens Restaurant - looking like hell.
Give a girl a break - I'd only had four hours of sleep in 48 hours!
Melly up early to watch cartoons! (I really dig her tights!)
At least she still had her TV, after all of the furniture was moved into storage.
Bath & Beauty Time - After we colored for about two hours!
There's not alot to do when you have no furniture.
A Beautiful Sky To Welcome Me Home!
It's good to be back - and even better because my sister and niece are here! Yea!!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

God Bless You & Keep You Safe, Ryan

Well, it's official. My brother-in-law flew out this morning. He was told it would take about four days to get to Afghanistan. I'm sure my sister is hysterical by now - especially being pregnant.
Here's a picture of my sis & Ryan on NYE.
(I hijacked it from her blog!) ;o)
I'm leaving at about 7:00 p.m. for the LONG drive up there. Wish me luck.
I had my first procedure yesterday. Got about 5/6 stitches - not too bad. The only problem is that I can't lean back or lay flat. That really sucks - especially when I'm getting ready for a 13 hour car ride.
I should be back sometime late Sunday - you all be good without me this weekend! I'll miss ya.
I leave you all with some cool pictures I took from my back yard yesterday.
I love you guys! Have a great next few days!
XO - Jiffner

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Happy Wednesday

Sorry I wasn't around yesterday. I was in training all day.
My "appointment" is this afternoon - I DON'T WANT TO GO!
I'm hitting the road for NY after work tomorrow - I can't wait for this 13 hour drive! YA-HOO!
But I AM excited about seeing my sister and Melly Moo. I just wish I could see my brother-in-law before he leaves. She has to drop him off on the base at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. Poor Thing! I can't even imagine.
This is probably going to be one of the dumbest posts I've ever written, and I'm not really sure why I'm writing it, but it just struck me last night - so I'm going with it!
Here's another little tidbit about Jen, that none of you know:
I am an avid cereal eater. It's one of my all-time favorite snacks. But I definitely have a certain way that I go about enjoying this treat.
I pour me about a half a bowl of cereal and milk and snack away. But I can't just drink the milk out of the bowl when I'm done. I have to go and get a different kind of cereal and make another half-bowl. Here's what's so goofy about that. The main reason I go get another half-bowl is because there's milk left, right? But when I pour that second bowl, I always add more milk. I guess if I stuck to the original theory behind getting that second bowl, I could sit there and eat all night. I have NEVER eaten just one bowl of cereal. I ALWAYS follow this routine.
I'm a weirdo.
Anybody want to share any of their quirks?

Monday, January 23, 2006

Busy Busy Busy Bee

Sorry I've been MIA. I've got alot going on this week. Even though my boss is out of town, I'm still slammed at work.
Since I posted last, I found out that my 44 year old uncle has colon cancer, so I've been at the hospital alot. He seems to be doing OK, so that is a HUGE relief. They think they found it in time, which is great news!
I have also scheduled my next vacation, which is LONG OVERDUE, even though I just went to Mexico last June. I'm going to Punta Cana in FIVE WEEKS. Here's a picture of the resort I'm staying at. It's all-inclusive - which is the only way to go!
Look at this water! I CAN'T WAIT!!!
This weekend also included another run in with my hubby. He was being a total ass. He called my phone about every five minutes the other night (of course, he was drunk and out with the boys). I got to hear about all the girls he was dancing with, etc. It really made my night, let me tell ya.
My first melanoma procedure is on Wednesday afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
I have scheduled the appraiser to come out to my house on Thursday. I should close my refinance in the next few weeks and then the house will be all mine. My step-daughter will be moving out then and I'm a little anxious about that. I guess that is when everything will finally sink in. It hasn't really hit me yet because I still see him all the time because his daughter is staying at my house. I'm not looking forward to this at all. I've got a knot in my stomach just thinking about it.
Last, but not least, I'm leaving Thursday evening for New York. We just found out that my brother-in-law is deploying on Thursday. So, my 21-year old PREGNANT sister will be all alone up there with a five year old. I'm going to help her wrap some things up and then she's moving back to stay with my parents while Ryan is in Afghanistan for 18 months. Not looking forward to any of this either.
Hope everything is OK with you guys!
Sorry, I've been so self-evolved lately. I have so much catching up to do with everyone. I feel like a terrible blogger. Don't you hate when life gets in the way of blogging? I sure do!
XO - Jenzini the Great

Friday, January 20, 2006


Here's a little tidbit about Jen, that some of you may not know:
I HATE spiders and snakes. I can handle pretty much anything, except for those.
So, last night, I'm sitting on my couch, reading a magazine and trying to relax. I was all engrossed in the article I was reading, when I felt something on my arm. I saw it out of the corner of my eye before I even moved my head. This spider was crawling up my arm towards my shoulder. God help me.....I freaked out! Just writing about it now makes my skin crawl. I wish someone would have had a video camera on me, because I was jumping and dancing around like my clothes were on fire. I swatted the damn thing and I think I got it. The bad thing is, I never found it again. Needless to say, the rest of my night was ruined, because I had the "willies" and didn't want to sit back down on my couch. I'm still itching this morning.
The funny thing is...no matter where each of us lives.....or how much money we have (or don't have)...every one of us has had some sort of run-in with a spider or some other insect. It's just another thing that binds us all together as mere humans.
The bummer about the whole thing was that I was finally going to post my next Chapter today, but I lost all concentration last night and couldn't get my mind off of that f**kin' spider.
Damn it....I've gotta go.
My arm's itchin'.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Blah, Blah, Blah

I'm in another one of my moods today. Not a bad mood, just kinda BLAH! I've got some family stuff going on that I will post about later. I'm just not into it today. Some days, I just want to put something up here that is mindless and fun, instead of my normal angst-ridden drama.

So, with that being said, here are some words of wisdom and other goodies for your entertainment:

"The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge; while an ordinary man takes everything either as a blessing or a curse."
"They say a person needs three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for."
"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent."
"For every problem there is one solution which is simple, neat, and wrong."
And in honor of my buddy, Neo, who had a shitty day yesterday:

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

O How Beautiful Thou Are....

We got our first snow storm last night and it was absolutely beautiful! Some of the biggest snowflakes I've ever seen were coming down. I couldn't resist, so I took Kloie Belle outside and we had some serious fun....and, of course, I had to take my camera.
Just thought I would share some of my shots with you guys!
Aren't those snowflakes awesome looking?
Looking down my street from my driveway!
Doesn't my house look cozy?
The same shot as above...I just played around with the brightness. I was trying to get a good shot of my pine tree, which looked beautiful, but it didn't quite take. Oh well - I still think the picture is pretty cool!
"Snowy" Belle comes a runnin' - her eyes blend in with the snowflakes. I think she looks like an ewok in this picture! LOL - Maybe Mr. Lucas could give her a small role??
She looks like a mangy wolf in this picture....Boy does she love to play in the snow! This was from this morning...and I course, I was late for work! What else is new!
I could not get her to come back inside the house....she was having a ball!
I just thought the bushes looked awesome - so I had to get a shot of those. These are in my backyard!
Couldn't resist this shot....
I sure do love taking pictures. I wish I could do it for a living!
Hope you are all having a wonderful day!
XO - Jenlicious

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Kloie Belle's Birthday

Saturday was Kloie's second birthday!

For those of you who don't know the whole back story, my aunt gave me Kloie on the same day that I had to put my first baby to sleep. While it took me a while to open my heart to this new dog...(I mean, c'mon, give somebody a chance to grieve before you push another dog on them!)... she is my little buddy and I love her to pieces. I guess I just had some sort of loyalty complex and the feeling that I was betraying my first dog's memory by getting another dog so fast!
Anyway, my little spoiled rotten brat's birthday was Saturday and, just like I did with Zoey, I gave her a little cupcake and a new toy to celebrate. She loved them both and it really made me happy to see her so excited.
Initial inspection of the cupcake
Initial approval of the cupcake! LOL
Ignoring her new toy for the other cupcake that she spied on the counter! What a brat!

Friday, January 13, 2006

I Had Another Ephiphany......Sorta

I finally put a face on that feeling I get in the pit of my stomach somtimes. The best way to sum it up is this:
It is those moments when I realize that the rest of my life isn't going to be what I thought it was.
And it scares the livin' hell outta me.

In Honor of Twisty and Travis

I'm feeling a little melancholy this morning. It's raining and dreary.....just downright depressing. I was on my way to work listening to the soundtrack to Brokeback Mountain which, by the way, has tons of great music on it. This song came on and it just reminded me of my buddy, Twisty, and his friend, Travis. It's an old Bob Dylan song that was redone by Willie Nelson for the movie. The lyrics don't really speak the story of Twisty and Travis - it was just the meaning of the song. It's a sad and heartfelt tune that really hits home to me....maybe because my brother-in-law is getting ready to deploy in two weeks. Anyway.......here it is.

He was a friend of mine
He was a friend of mine
Every time I think about him now
Lord I just can't keep from cryin''
Cause he was a friend of mine
He died on the road
He died on the road
He never had enough money
To pay his room or board
And he was a friend of mine
I stole away and cried
I stole away and cried
'Cause I never had too much money
And I never been quite satisfied
And he was a friend of mine
He never done no wrong
He never done no wrong
A thousand miles from home
And he never harmed no one
And he was a friend of mine
He was a friend of mine
He was a friend of mine
Every time I hear his name
Lord I just can't keep from cryin'
'Cause he was a friend of mine.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Jen's ABCD's

In honor of my girl, City, here's my list of ABCD's:

A is for Age: 33
B is for Booze of choice: Beer: Bud Light; Liquor: Maker's Mark

C is for Career: Paralegal

D is for your Dog's name: Kloie Belle

E is for Essential items you use every day: Deodorant, toothpaste, moisterizer, shampoo, soap, cigarettes, Coca Cola, cell phone.

F is for Favorite song at the moment: Miss Me Baby by Chris Cagle

G is for favorite Games: Spades, CLR, and Poker

H is for Hometown: The Ville, Kentucky

I is for Instruments you play: Guitar

J is for Jam or Jelly you like: Strawberry jam

K is for Kids: Just my doggie

L is for Last kiss: Last night

M is for Most admired trait: My giving heart and my sense of humor.

N is for Name of your crush: Bryan

O is for Overnight hospital stays: None.

P is for Phobias: None really. I am afraid of regret and failure.

Q is for Quotes you like: "You never know what you've got until it's gone, but you never know what you have been missing until you get it."

R is for biggest Regret: It's not really a "regret" per se, but I am pretty upset about the way my marriage ended.
S is for Sweets of your choice: Cheesecake
T is for Time you wake up: About 15 minutes late, no matter what time I'm supposed to.
U is for Underwear: Thongs or boy shorts - they're so comfy.
V is for Vegetable you love: Salads of any kind
W is for Worst habit: Smoking
X is for X-rays you've had: Dental, Head, Neck, Right Knee, Left Foot.
Y is for Yummy Food you make: Without coming across as conceited, I think I'm a really good cook, so I can't narrow it down to one thing.
Z is for Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


This is an old e-mail that I've seen a thousand times - but it just fit my mood so perfectly today - I just had to share!

When I stand up for myself or my beliefs, they call me a bitch.

When I stand up for those I love, they call me a bitch.

When I speak my mind, think my own thoughts or do things my own way, they call me a bitch.

Being a bitch means I won't compromise what's in my heart. It means I live my life MY way. It means I won't allow anyone to step on me.

When I refuse to tolerate injustice and speak against it, I am defined as a bitch.

The same thing happens when I take time for myself instead of being everyone's maid, or when I act a little selfish. It means I have the courage and strength to allow myself to be who I truly am and won't become anyone else's idea of what they think I should be.

I am outspoken, opinionated and determined.

I want what I want and there is nothing wrong with that!

So try to stomp me, try to douse my inner flame, try to squash every ounce of beauty I hold within me. You won't succeed.

AND, if that makes me a BITCH so be it. I embrace the title and am proud to bear it.

B - Babe
I - In
T - Total
C - Control of
H - Herself

B - Beautiful
I - Intelligent
T - Talented
C - Charming
H - Hell of a Woman

B - Beautiful
I - Individual
T - That
C - Can
H - Handle Anything

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


My Daddy and I continued our monthly tradition of dinner and a movie last night. We went and saw Brokeback Mountain and I must say - I was extremely impressed. Of course, I think both guys are hot, but I wasn't too keen on seeing a gay love story. However, by the end of the film, I was crying like an idiot.

My Dad and I are both big fans of Annie Prolux - who also wrote "The Shipping News" - another great film. In my opinion, if you can't have an open mind about the premise of the story - than don't even bother going. What I came away thinking was that love is love and it hurts no matter what kind of relationship it is!
Best Quote of the Movie:
“You know, friend, this is a goddam bitch of a unsatisfactory situation."

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Bad News

Well kiddies - I took off work early Friday because I had a follow-up appointment. I posted a few weeks ago about an out-patient procedure I had done - and Friday was the day I found out the results. I went to a dermatologist to have a few moles looked at back in December. I really didn't even think anything was wrong - I just figured it was about time I had them looked at. You can never be too precautious right? Well, I went and as soon as the doctor walked in he saw two on my back that he wanted to biopsy. I wasn't really expecting that, but I figured he knew what he was talking about.
Anyway, I go in Friday to get my results - and - BAM! I've got melanoma! Now, I know I shouldn't freak out - there are worse things to have, but one of my really good friends lost a cousin to the same thing - and it's got me down in the dumps! I sure am glad I got a wild hair and decided to go to the doctor for no real reason - at least they caught it in time. Now, I've got to go get them excised and have some other ones looked at. I was really hoping that this was my year - starting off with such bad news doesn't really give me much hope of that - but I guess I should count my blessings and quit whining.
I'm not really in the mood to post, so I'm gonna leave it at that. XO

Friday, January 06, 2006

5 Bad Habits

Well, I'm about 100 days late, but I got tagged by AlannaJoy about a month ago and I'm just now getting around to it. I have SERIOUSLY been slacking in my blogging duties.
So....in case you didn't already know about them....here are my five bad habits to share with the world. I really do only have five.....yeah.....right!
1. I am a complete and total perfectionist.
2. I twirl my hair when I'm bored or worried.
3. I smoke, and really haven't ever wanted to quit.
4. I cuss WAY too much.
5. I eat when I'm stressed or depressed. Shouldn't that be the other way around?
I could go on for about another hour, but it would be nice to leave some things to your imagination.
I'm not going to tag anyone, but for those of you who haven't done it....please feel free to do so.
Love to All - Jen! XO

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My Day With Melly

I had such a great day with my niece on Monday. I took her to the "dollar store" - you know those stores where everything is a buck? Man, I love those places! She thought she was in heaven when I told her she could pick a couple of things out. You would have thought I'd just given her the world. I usually go there to get flowers and things for my craft projects and also flowers to place on my grandmothers' graves. I usually visit them about once every two months or so and always during the holidays.
Anyway, Melly picked out a "Lady Sheriff" kit - which I thought was hilarous. She also got a package of bubbles - which is always fun.....and a bottle for her stuffed animal. I saw her grab that and it took me back to when I was little. Only the ladies will probably remember these, but you know those bottles that had either milk or OJ in them, and you turn them upside down and it looks like your doll is drinking it? Man....they were great!
Right when we left the second cemetery, it started to thunder and lightening and I heard the tornado sirens going off. As soon as we hit the expressway, it started to hail. BIG TIME. Now....ever since my accident (back in '95), I don't like driving in really hard rain. I just get really anxious. I started getting that panicky feeling and looked over at my niece - she was just sitting there with her coloring book - going to town. I thought...."Wow....the innocence of babes."
Here's some pics from our day together. She took a couple too! I could just eat her up.
I'm one of those people who can't stand to see arrangements lying on the ground after the wind has blown them over. I usually pick them up and put them in the closest vase. I'm weird like that. As soon as we get out of the car, Melly ran over to some flowers that had blown out and did the exact same thing. It floored me! She's so cute it makes me want to cry.
The cool thing about this picture is that my great-grandfather took one of me in the same chair when I was about her age. Same pose and everything. My whole family (mother's side) is buried in this cemetery and we have spent alot of time there over the years. I just think it's neat that I shared the same experience with her, as my great-grandpa did with me.
Is she a diva-in-training or what? She is the biggest ham I've ever seen - when she's in the mood for pictures! She just hopped right up in that chair and went straight into this pose and it took all of my willpower to keep from laughing.
Here's another pose from the princess!
And another.....
This is her first photo attempt. I actually kinda like it!
Here's her second attempt - which actually blew me away! It may be one of my favorites ever taken! There's just something about it!
Blowing Bubbles
She loves looking at my blog. I'm sure it's because there's so many pictures of her in it! LOL! She wanted to send a picture to all of my e-buddies to show you some love. ;o) She's only five and already knows how important it is to network. Watch Out World!
Three hours of running and playing took it's toll and the eyes slowly started to close.
I had to take her back home and it was really sad for me. I didn't want them to leave. I sure miss the days when they lived right around the corner. I'm actually thinking of taking a trip up to New York to see them before my bro-in-law is deployed. I would really like that.
P.S. Right before they left, my sis and bro-in-law went to the OB/GYN here in town. IT'S A GIRL!!!!! My poor dad. He's been surrounded by women from the beginning and it doesn't look like that's going to change any time soon! ;o)