Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Talk About Bringin' Out Da Funk....

Well, I'm at home sick today! Don't ask me how or why, but since Friday I've had a rash that has progressively gotten worse. It is literally from my little toe to my forehead. Thank You God for sparing my "special parts". It started real slow and then over the weekend it just exploded into a full-blown disaster, that itches more than I could ever explain. Call me crazy, but I am starting to wonder if it is some crazy reaction to the 30 rounds of tear gas that got shot off in my neighborhood! I have no allergies except for a severe one to poison ivy and reaction to coedine. Other than that....I'm in pretty good shape....plus, I've haven't been exposed to either of those over the last week. I've been to two doctors, neither of whom could figure out what it is. I had one tell me that it is the most intense thing he's ever seen....figures! My dermatologist had no idea either, but he set me up on $125.00 worth of creams, lotions and pills! I've F'IN miserable!
I hope you are all having a great day! If you scratch an itch - think of me! XO


Blogger SkyeBlue2U Opined...

Do you have some aloe vera put that on after your shower, oh you poor baby. itches are no fun,;(

May 02, 2006 12:46 PM  
Blogger TwistedPain Opined...

I guess this will make HNT all that more interesting. And since I know you wouldnt want us to see your rash you'll have to take pictures of the areas that don't have a rash. Maybe even the ones you mentioned? *wink wink* Hope you feel better and get less itchy. Wish I was there to scratch an itch or feed ya benadril. Or go get you stuff from the fridge. Doesnt matter.


May 02, 2006 1:42 PM  
Blogger nelle Opined...

that does NOT sound fun. i hope the $125 creams,etc work and you feel better soon!

May 02, 2006 1:46 PM  
Blogger Scott Opined...

Throw some oatmeal in the bath, it will make the itch go away for sure. Hope that you feel better!


May 02, 2006 3:37 PM  
Blogger Ellen Opined...

I've heard the same remedy that Scott mentioned. It works good, and same with the aloe vera.

Did you check to see if you had a spider bite? Sometimes they cause that sort of thing.

Good luck... and I hope you quit itching soon. (Yikes, now I'm all itchy just thinking about it!)

May 02, 2006 5:48 PM  
Blogger Jinsane Opined...

Sag Sis: I got that expensive-ass stuff that my dermatologist prescribed. It seems to be working!

Twisty: Yes - HNT should prove difficult - but I will overcome!!
Wish you were here too!! ;o)

EJ: Me too, or that is one expensive experiment!

Scott: I've tried that...and it did help! Thanks for the advice!

Ellen: I've pretty much tried everything! Hopefully, these prescriptions will do the trick!

Thanks guys for all the well-wishes! I'm so bored here at home!!

XO - Jen

May 02, 2006 7:06 PM  
Blogger Snaggle Tooth Opined...

Sounds like either a skin irritaion or allergy, maybe a food allergy-

I'm an expert on full-blown rashes, n get my share. I can empathize with your painful itchies-

If you began using a new soap, or scent, or ate something new within 2 days before this happened, cease use immediatly, also using any soap at all now will increase irritation.

The doc creams will help, but btw- don't use them anywhere near the eyes.

Good luck figuring out how to avoid it happening again... avoidance is the best way to prevent reactions.

May 03, 2006 2:45 AM  
Blogger Wiwille Opined...

Dear God that's horrible. Good luck with that.

May 03, 2006 6:04 AM  
Blogger Jinsane Opined...

Snags: I have racked my brain to try and think of what I'd done differently and nothing comes to mind! Having to take a shower without soap is killing me!!! Hopefully, these creams will work -so far it seems to be the same! *Sigh*

WW: Thanks!!! ;o)

May 03, 2006 9:48 AM  

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