Wednesday, April 19, 2006

101 in 1001

This is a post I made when I first started blogging. I decided to revise it a little bit and document my progress so far:
So....since I'm going through my first mid-mid-life crisis, I decided to make a list of 101 things I want to do in the next 1001 days. Something to motivate myself into making my life a little better and to try and live life to the fullest. goes (in no particular order):

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days? Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple goals such as new year's resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

Beginning Date: March 21, 2005
Ending Date: September 28, 2007

1. Go on a kick-ass vacation. (Completed June, 2005)

2. Try to figure out what went wrong in my marriage. (At this point, it really doesn't matter anymore.....August, 2006.)

3. Refinance my house. (Completion pending.....August, 2006.)

4. Start working out again. (Completed October, 2005)

5. Improve my volleyball game.

6. Watch UK win the NCAA tournament.

7. Watch Duke lose to UK.

8. Play in a high stakes Texas Hold 'Em tournament.

9. Win the tournament.

10. Make up with my parents. (Completed April 9, 2005)

11. Visit my sister in New York. (Completed January 26, 2006)

12. Get a tan. (Completed Summer, 2005)

13. Lose weight. (Completed, Summer 2006)

14. Learn a new language.

15. Spend more time with my family (i.e., parents, sister, niece)

16. Start drinking more water.

17. Start drinking less alcohol. LOL

18. Quit smoking....cigarettes.

19. Go to a Yoga class.

20. Listen to all of my CD's in their entirety.....I have over 200 and have probably only listened to half of them all the way through.

21. See a John Mayer show.

22. Watch every movie that has won an Oscar for "Movie of the Year".

23. Give Blood. (Completed August 2, 2006)

24. Win the Lottery.

25. Pay off my credit cards.

26. Cut up my credit cards. LMAO

27. Reunite with at least three friends I've lost track of over the years and actually stay in contact with them. (Completed April, 2005)

28. Go on a white-water rafting trip.

29. Redo some rooms in my house. (Completion pending...March, 2006)

30. Get a massage. (Completed, May, 2006)

31. Give away something I cherish to someone who will appreciate it as much as I do.

32. Get another tattoo...or maybe four. (2 completed, August, 2005)

33. Go on a spontaneous weekend trip with no special destination in mind.

34. Throw/give away half of my clothes - I've got way too many. (Completed September, 2005)

35. Learn a line dance.

36. Take a walk in the rain.

37. Sit on the porch during a huge Thunderstorm. (Completed November, 2005 and April, 2006)

38. Learn to control my road rage.

39. Learn to control myself.

40. Learn that I can't control others.

41. Spend less time worrying about shit I can't control. (Completion pending......)

42. Adopt another dog. (Completed, January, 2006)

43. Spend more time with my stepdaughter. (Working on.....9/12/05..she's now living w/ me.)

44. Go see a fortune teller.

45. Go skydiving.

46. Audition for a reality show.

47. Get another piercing of some kind.

48. Start a novel. ( I have alot to write about.) (Pending....)

49. Research my family tree. (Found my old research March, the works)

50. Try new foods (maybe Thai or Bosnian). (Completed March, 2006)

51. Take an art class.

52. Take a cooking class.

53. Plant a garden. (Completed May, 2005)

54. Learn how to play piano.

55. Make a difference in somebody's life.

56. Organize all of my pictures into albums.

57. Start taking more pictures. (Started September, 2005)

58. Get a passport.

59. Ride in a hot air balloon.

60. Sing Karaoke. (Completed, February, March and April, 2006)

61. Throw a party for no reason at all.

62. Swim in the ocean. (Completed June, 2005)

63. Go scuba diving.

64. Spend an afternoon at the art museum.

65. Start an IRA. (Completed January, 2006.)

66. Go to Vegas.

67. Go for a ride on a motorcycle. (Completed August, 2005)

68. Learn not to be so hard on myself.

69. Buy a homeless person a meal.

70. Catalog all of my VHS tapes and DVD's.

71. Bake a cake. (Completed October, 2005)

72. Donate money to some cause/charity. (Done! Katrina Victims)

73. Go to a yard sale really early on a Saturday. (Completed September 10, 2005)

74. Protest something. (Completed October, 2005 - Racist - McPherson)

75. Go to a casino....walk in....lay $500.00 on Black and see what happens.

76. Make-out with a girl....just to see what it's like.

77. Create a budget for myself and stick with it.

78. Visit my grandpa. (Completed November, 2005)

79. Buy all new lingerie. (Completed December, 2005)

80. Go to the Cinemas and see two movies back to back on a rainy day.

81. Send "Thank You" cards to my friends for no reason.

82. Go three consecutive days without spending any money.

83. Slow dance. (Completed September 10, 2005)

84. Take a train ride.

85. Go skinny dipping.

86. Go camping.

87. Go to the zoo. (Completed April 10, 2005.)

88. Take a nap in the middle of the day.

89. Witness a bar that I'm not in. (Completed July, 2005)

90. Put flowers on my grandmothers' graves. (Completed May 2005)

91. Visit the Grand Canyon.

92. Fly first class.

93. Have sex in every room of the house on the same day.

94. Do something nice for an eldery person.

95. Smile more.

96. Laugh more.

97. Live more.

98. Renew my library card.

99. Ride a bike.'s been a long time.

100. Take a long, hot, bubble bath.

101. Accomplish at least half of this list.

Whew....that was a hard list to come up with. Plenty of variety up there.....wouldn't you say?
I hope I don't disappoint myself. ;o)

So, there it is! I've made some progress and it feels good!


Blogger TwistedPain Opined...

Beautiful idea! You know I would even have half of those things on my list. Maybe I need to do the same thing. Thank you for the idea. I have done a couple. I felt the need for some burn so I just got another tattoo added yesterday. In japanese in the middle I had them put "Broken hearted".

Twisted Pain

October 18, 2005 9:50 AM  
Blogger Jinsane Opined...

Yeah....I went and got two more in August. Mine are in Japanese also. I got Hope & Faith put down the middle of my back. I figured with the mess I'm going through right now, those are the two things I need the most.

October 18, 2005 10:04 AM  
Blogger Wiwille Opined...

Can't wait to hear the update on #76.

April 19, 2006 11:19 AM  
Blogger Jinsane Opined...

WW: I'll keep you posted!!

April 19, 2006 11:24 AM  
Blogger Cowboy Opined...

Very impressive list! I love it! And I think you've made good progress too.

Have a fabulous day, and I hpe all is going well with your huge workload...

April 19, 2006 3:19 PM  
Blogger Ellen Opined...

I think you have completed #55... because you make a difference in all our lives, chickadee.

Quite an impressive list, and certainly bold on some things. I got a kick out of #89... LOL!

April 19, 2006 4:08 PM  
Blogger Jinsane Opined...

Nilo: Today has been a nightmare! But, thanks for the thoughts!

Ellen: How sweet are you!! That means alot to me! And, if you know anything about me at's that I'm bold! LOL

April 19, 2006 4:13 PM  
Anonymous Wendi Opined...

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