Thursday, June 29, 2006

Half-Nekkid Thursday - 06.29.06

Having found some sort of new found "hope" in my life, (if that's what you want to call it), I decided to do another instrospective post, which aims to represent me stepping from one part of my life into the next exciting chapter.... and whatever it may bring. Let's all pray that it's something good!! I couldn't decide between the two pictures, or the editing, so you get a bonus shot!!!! Damn - life must be good!!!

Happy HNT Everybody!!
I hope you all have a wickedly sexy day!!!


Blogger Osbasso Opined...

It's always wisest to post both whenever you're not sure!

I hope the new chapter you're writing is filled with good things!

June 29, 2006 11:09 AM  
Blogger Professor Fate Opined...

I can't decide between the two shots either (so thanks for the bonus).

Happy HNT

June 29, 2006 11:16 AM  
Blogger Crimson Opined...

Very sexy!! HHNT ;)

June 29, 2006 11:51 AM  
Blogger Professor Fate Opined...

p.s. You are welcome. That is what a modern day knight errant does.

June 29, 2006 12:07 PM  
Blogger Jinsane Opined...

PF: I wish there were more like you in the world!! ;o)

June 29, 2006 12:08 PM  
Blogger WDKY Opined...

That's not only clever, but stunning. You're a gorgeous woman.

Happy HNT x

June 29, 2006 12:10 PM  
Blogger Wenchy Opined...

Those are both gorgeous pics... I am SO glad you are doing good!!

June 29, 2006 12:36 PM  
Blogger eddie Opined...

great pictures glad you are feeling better,have a good day

June 29, 2006 12:58 PM  
Blogger AndyT13 Opined...

Wow, smokin'! Congratulations and HHNT!

June 29, 2006 1:13 PM  
Anonymous Tommy Gunn Opined...

You have a fanstastic body. I hope whatever is in store for you is as fulfilling as you need it to be. Good luck and HHNT.

June 29, 2006 1:25 PM  
Blogger Scott Opined...

I hope that your days keep going great. Both pictures are great!


June 29, 2006 1:31 PM  
Blogger Suze Opined...

Thanks for the treat! Lovely shots of a flame haired vixen I believe.

Happy HNT sweetie ;)

June 29, 2006 1:56 PM  
Blogger TJ Opined...

Life is good--thanks for including the bonus pic.

Very sexy shots!


June 29, 2006 2:21 PM  
Anonymous Tildy Opined...

I can see why you had a hard time deciding between those two shots, theyre both gorgeous. A little introspection is a very good thing. HHNT!

June 29, 2006 3:52 PM  
Blogger BKS Opined...

You are such an incredibly beautiful lady....either pic is super sexy. Love the ballgame pics a few posts back also. Something about a woman who looks great in a ballcap....

"Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success."
Dale Carnegie

HHNT and choose the steps carefully:D

June 29, 2006 4:13 PM  
Blogger lecram sinun Opined...

Both are beautiful! Cheers and Happy HNT!

June 29, 2006 4:21 PM  
Blogger Jericho Opined...

both are cool - very sexy :)

here's to filling the empty pages


June 29, 2006 4:51 PM  
Blogger Naughty K Opined...

Great Pict, I love the reflection.
Best of luck....
Happy HNT!!!
Tits -n- Toast

June 29, 2006 5:15 PM  
Blogger Kristen Opined...

I like it!


June 29, 2006 5:51 PM  
Blogger LustDemon Opined...

WOW, if the new chapter is half as good (looking) as the woman in these photos, I'm POSITIVE it will be a best-seller!! *drool* ;) SEXY HNT!

June 29, 2006 6:36 PM  
Blogger Backdoor Slider Opined...

woooohooooo!!! thank you for that lovely mirror shot!!!!


June 29, 2006 7:41 PM  
Blogger Phain Opined...

very beautiful... *~*happy hnt*~*

June 29, 2006 10:14 PM  
Blogger eddie Opined...

friday is here all is good

June 30, 2006 7:22 AM  
Blogger Ellen Opined...

Happy belated HNT, chickadee!

Going through the looking glass is great introspective... it helps to make you see things you may not have seen in a long time: yourself, and what a beautiful person you are.

Wishing the new chapter in your life all the best... you are deserving of it!

June 30, 2006 9:16 AM  
Blogger MG Opined...

oooooh, love them both but I'm favoring the second, thanks for posting them both!!!!


June 30, 2006 10:49 AM  
Blogger Wiwille Opined...

Wow those are a couple of nice big...robes.

June 30, 2006 11:17 AM  

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