Thursday, March 01, 2007

Half-Nekkid Thursday - One Year Anniversary

Well of Febuary 23, 2007, I have been doing HNT for one year!! So, in celebration of that, as well as my first HNT in a couple of weeks, this week's HNT is a two-parter!

Even though I have lost most of my regular readers over the past year, it still means a lot to me to think that people actually read what I post and know that even if it's just song lyrics - there is ALWAYS meaning behind it. If you haven't read my last post, please do so. If ever a song meant something to someone....this song is 110% TRUE JEN. It literally epitomizes my life struggle.

My first picture this week is a salute to myself for trudging forward, even when I don't want to:

I am a true REDNECK WOMAN!

This next two shots are just something I've wanted to do for awhile and I figured - "What the Hell??" It is my HNT Anniversary. Nothing too explicit - just a little something I thought I'd try out.

Without Further Ado........School is now in session:

And, as usual, I couldn't decide which one I liked best. So, in an effort to make up for missing the last two weeks of HNT - here's a bonus!!!

I hope that everyone is doing well. My days are looking brighter.....I'm just trying to keep the faith, as always.

Much Love - Jen XOXO


Blogger Hollz Opined...

Beautiful Pics i love the last one! Happy HNT and anniversary

March 01, 2007 12:07 AM  
Blogger Professor Fate Opined...

Yowsa!!!!! Happy Anniversary!! Happy happy pictures. Happy HNT!!

March 01, 2007 12:14 AM  
Anonymous jsull28fl@yaho Opined...


March 01, 2007 12:51 AM  
Blogger Semi-Celibate Man Opined...

Hi Jinsane. Beautiful pics, all 3. Happy anniversary and HHNT.

March 01, 2007 12:54 AM  
Blogger Osbasso Opined...

Damned glad to see you back! And nicely done! I do hope things are looking brighter for you!

March 01, 2007 1:22 AM  
Blogger Osbasso Opined...

Oh, yeah--Happy Anniversary!!

March 01, 2007 1:22 AM  
Blogger Blissfully Wed Opined...

Beautiful. You sexy, redneck women are the best. (My wife is also a sexy, redneck woman at heart.)



March 01, 2007 1:29 AM  
Blogger figleaf Opined...

Oh yeah, Jinsane. All grown up, your old school girl outfits still fit, and a redneck to boot. You should see the smile on my face.

Happy HNT.


March 01, 2007 2:08 AM  
Blogger rob Opined...

Congratulations and HHNT.

March 01, 2007 4:42 AM  
Blogger Cosima Opined...

Wow, you celebrate in style! Happy anniversary!

March 01, 2007 5:16 AM  
Blogger Jade Opined...

Im glad the girls in school didnt look like that, I wouldnt have learned anything at all.

Happy HNT

March 01, 2007 6:26 AM  
Blogger Scott Opined...

Okay, so WOW. I am not one to usually comment all tha tmuch onyour photos other than to say that they look great, but really those last two pictures are absolutely fantastic.

March 01, 2007 9:17 AM  
Blogger ~art Opined...

very fucking sexy!@ happy hnt

March 01, 2007 9:40 AM  
Blogger Wiwille Opined...

Girl in camo. Wiwille like.

March 01, 2007 9:43 AM  
Blogger Jinsane Opined...

Hollz: Thanks!! I think it's my favorite too!!

Prof: ;o)

JS: You crack me up!!!

Semi: Thanks and HHNT to you too!!

Os: Thanks for your concern - as always!!

BW: Then you better hang on to her!! We are a dying breed! LMAO

Figleaf: Well thanks - I'm glad I can make someone smile!! ;o)

Rob: HHNT!

Cosima: I do aim to please!

Jade: Yeah, the school girl outfit is always sexier when you get older!!! I actually had to wear one every day for 12 years and it wasn't much fun back then!!!

Scott: You are always such a gentleman!! Thank you for the compliment. It means alot to me!! You have always kept coming back and that means the world to me.

Art: Thanks!! HHNT

WW: I'm glad Wiwille like!! If not, I'd have to kick your ass!! LMAO

March 01, 2007 9:54 AM  
Blogger TerraPraeta Opined...

Happy Anniversary!

The school girl look sits well on you. Very sexy. HHNT!


March 01, 2007 11:09 AM  
Blogger eddie Opined...

very very nice, like all three, hows life..

March 01, 2007 11:51 AM  
Blogger Princess PinkLady Opined...

Happy HNT and happy aniversary! As always, you're gorgeous!

March 01, 2007 12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous Opined...

Jen: You can be my teacher anytime. Please spank me as I hav ebeen a bad boy!

March 01, 2007 2:57 PM  
Blogger tkkerouac Opined...

Nice school girl, always a classic!

March 01, 2007 9:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous Opined...

Wow Jinsane! I love rednecks. Your pics are hot. Thanks and keep it up.

March 03, 2007 12:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous Opined...

Happy Anniversary and Happy HNT! look amazing! Woohoo!

March 03, 2007 7:46 AM  
Blogger TwistedPain Opined...

Happy Anniversary! Sorry to hear things have been dumpy. We need to converse more like we used to. As far as the pictures (as I've said before) You are what my dreams are made of.

Miss ya

Your soulmate,

March 05, 2007 2:06 PM  
Blogger Supercock Opined...

Wow, I will be your teacher any time baby!

March 07, 2007 2:40 PM  
Blogger A Bronx Tale Opined...

thank you thank you...


Happy ANniversary.

Happy HNT!!!

March 14, 2007 1:52 PM  

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