Friday, October 20, 2006


Sorry it's taken so long to post pictures of my vacation, but I've just been swamped.....and blogger is being extremely difficult. It took me SIX tries at downloading all these pictures before I could finally post it. I'm not very happy!!! Enough about that.....

This was the best vacation I've ever had. The weather was perfect, the beaches were beautiful, the people were amazingly nice, and the company was top notch. As always, I took a billion pictures. Trying to decide which ones to post proved to be difficult, but I hope you enjoy my photographic take on the beauty of Cancun. They aren't in any particular order, because by the time I decided which ones to post, and blogger giving me a headache, I was too frustrated to put them chronologically. I beg your forgiviness. ;o)
You can click on the pictures for a larger view....if you so desire.
I just loved this building! The sombrero wearing band on the top really caught my eye. Plus, when your in Mexico, you can't ignore "The Tequilla House".
I loved the way this picture came out! The sky, the reflection off the pool....everything. This is the infinity pool that overlooks the ocean. However, from this angle, the water you see in the background is a lagoon.
This was the view from my balcony looking North. My hotel was almost on the very tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. The sunset hitting the clouds almost took my breath away.
This is the view from my balcony looking South...taken right after I took the previous picture. It's hard to imagine the beauty of the first picture only being a few 100 feet away from these dark clouds. It was really something to see.
This is the view of the ocean sitting poolside.
This was taken my third night in Cancun at El Sombrero! I ended up getting on a bus going the wrong direction and ended up on the other side of the was pretty scary....but I prevailed!
After getting back off the bus....I entered this tunnel.....with extreme caution!!! LMAO
This was taken the morning I left....(boo hoo). I love how I captured the couple walking hand-in-hand toward the ocean. Awesome picture!!
This was my buddy, Jose the Iguana....who lounged poolside every single day I was there!! ;o)
Obligatory "Me In The Ocean" Picture
This was taken poolside looking toward the ocean. That infinity pool was so beautiful. I can't even explain it. The chairs you see closest to the ocean are an entire level down. So, when you were in the pool, all you could see was the Caribbean.
This was taken at Senor Frogs, which is one wild-ass place. The look of sheer terror on my face is because I thought they were getting ready to drag me up on stage. Dig my awesome head gear!!! Also....notice the tall glasses on the table behind me. That's what all the drinks were served in. I don't even remember leaving that place. Good thing I was riding the bus!! LMAO


Blogger Mattbear Opined...

Oh man...beautiful pictures, and it looks like it was a beautiful vacation too. I am sooo envious right now.

October 20, 2006 5:23 PM  
Blogger Jinsane Opined...

Mattbear: It's so good to hear from you!! I've missed you and Eric.

It was a wonderful trip! Of course, I can't divulge the real reasons why it was soooo good!! LOL

October 20, 2006 5:36 PM  
Blogger eddie Opined...

sounds like you had a great time, find you a great guy while you were there, hope so, glad you had fun and glad your back...

October 20, 2006 6:02 PM  
Blogger Jinsane Opined...

Eddie: Thanks for welcoming me back....I wish I was still there though!! didn't hook up with any cabana boys while I was there. LOL

October 20, 2006 9:19 PM  
Blogger eddie Opined...

might have been funnn, thanks for stoping by, was good to hear from you....

October 21, 2006 12:23 AM  
Blogger Jinsane Opined...

Eddie: I still have alot of catching up to do on yours, but I'm definitely going to read and comment on each one!

October 21, 2006 10:56 PM  
Anonymous js Opined...

looks like you had a fun time
thats awesome
good pics
welcome back

October 23, 2006 11:49 AM  
Blogger Jinsane Opined...

JS: Thanks - it was a great time.

October 23, 2006 11:57 AM  
Blogger Ellen Opined...

Good to see you finally had a wonderful vacation this time, and with no "trick" planes to worry about.

Great pictures... I loved the iguana one.

October 23, 2006 2:08 PM  
Anonymous js Opined...

the hat looks damn good on you too!

October 23, 2006 3:34 PM  
Blogger Scott Opined...

Nice hats... looks like a good time. I am jealous!


October 23, 2006 3:48 PM  

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